„A healthy person is the one who realizes their most secret dreams.”
(Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais)







Feldenkrais is the method which has intrigued me and so far shaped me the most.

„We are different every minute*…“

“Wir sind von Minute zu Minute anders*…”


I have chosen this quotation as theme, because it seems to me, that Dr. M. Feldenkrais expressed the whole development potential through that.

Certainly, in some regards we remain the same from the beginning of our life up to its end - looking at aspects such as genetics for example.

However, the question is how to develop and extend what was given to us, so that we can approach and can reach closer to our possibilities, that’s a decision we take from moment to moment again and again
 – with more or less awareness - .


'realize one’s dreams'


to me that means first of all dreaming – next is finding clarity in what those ‘dreams’ are about in detail

- agility – liveliness – ease - to recognize, experience & share the richness of life -
- to be in relation with the inner and outer world -

   ...and immediately I’m on my way...

In the end it doesn’t matter, how close I reach my dream-destination
as long as I’m on my way – in motion, moving towards it.


"Becoming more alive in body, mind and spirit is the result of

greater mobility."

 Moshé Feldenkrais




My path became clearer during a year of general studies at the university of Tübingen. I found then that I'm interested in books but fascinated in contact with human beings.

So I decided to become an occupational therapist.

Over 13 years I worked mainly in the field of neurological rehabilitation as well as in the orthopedic and rheumatologic field. Several additional trainings included Bobath, Perfetti, Affolter, Cyriax and others.

But during all that time I was searching... and finally found...

... Feldenkrais ...

2002 - 2005 I took the Feldenkrais Training with Elizabeth Beringer in Biel, Switzerland.

For More information about that and my further trainers look at: my teachers.

Born in Germany and living for a while in France, I came to Switzerland in 2002, and started working first as OT, later also as Feldenkrais practitioner in the general hospital of Schaffhausen.

2008 I opened additionally my own Feldenkrais-Atelier in Beringen close by Schaffhausen (not far from the Rhinefall) and since 2010 I'm enjoying my self-employment as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

It seems like a good combination to be able to meet 'the human being' again, after years of medical–therapeutic experience.


As Feldenkrais said in The Elusive Obvious #2 On Learning p. 29

"It is healthier to learn than be a patient or even be cured."

And maybe he was right?!


In 2016 I became a Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer, happy to work in Feldenkrais trainings and help the methode to spread further.



* " We are different every minute…  " is just the 'backward translation' of the German version (Wir sind von Minute zu Minute anders...)  of Feldenkrais' quotation in The Elusive Obvious:

#5 A Second Look p.73 "...The skeleton...and the environment...are obviously very different every instant. We are different every minute but we can select regular intervals for taking stock."


The Elusive Obvious, published 1981 by Meta Publications (Cupertino,CA)